Saturday, March 3, 2012


I shall be providing a webinar on Harmonic Elliott Wave over three sessions over the next three Saturdays.

10th March:   The Harmonic Wave structure and wave characteristics
17th March:   Wave ratios and use of the spreadsheet
                    Navigation of the structure
24th March:   Navigation of the structure, hints & tips & live analysis

Time:            8pm Tokyo
                    7pm Singapore/Hong Kong
                    11am London
                    6am New York

I am fully aware that the theory is easy to understand but the reality of facing a blank chart is more challenging. The emphasis is therefore on conveying the logic of the structure, and practical knowledge in analyzing markets. The objective is to assist attendees in being able to face a blank chart and understanding how to approach analyzing a market.

Copies of slides used will be provided to enable attendees to make notes.

Fee:              US$ 750 to include 2 months subscription to one weekly report.

Please contact me should you wish to attend

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