Thursday, January 20, 2011

It would be nice to have a day that was simple… today is not one of those…

Sometimes the structures develop like a dream, projections work and currency pairs correlate… From that perspective yesterday was a nightmare. It leaves me trying to pick out individual structures and uttering a deep sigh as no one currency seems to fit in with the others. That is a reflection of this morning’s analysis…

If we take EURUSD the initial cap at 1.3507 and then at 1.3537 were pretty much pin point. Now, these levels were implied within a scenario that would imply a recycling back to 1.3209-43. However, the bearish momentum divergences broke down. Never-the-less that would be my preferred view – so see a recycling…

The consolidation in GBPUSD, while not making a new high actually fits in with a deeper correction also. However, quite where we are in that pullback is unclear but certainly still at an early stage. USDCHF made a new low but seems totally tizzy-headed, flittering around like a drunkard looking for his next tipple… However, I remain with the basic view that a deeper pullback is required even in a larger bullish recovery.

USDJPY just declined but the structure there looks like a 1 year old learning to draw… However, I do feel there should be quite definable levels to maintain the downward move or see a break back higher. At this point the structure, if I have it correct, appears to imply a move just below the 79.70 low before a correction. That should put downward pressure on EURJPY. However, if I look at the cross individually I’d still prefer a move back to around the 112.18 high before the move lower develops. Therefore this requires some close attention.

USDCAD still points higher but I remain bearish in the longer run. AUDUSD… probably saw its high yesterday and now we need judge whether the decline will make new lows or just completes a correction.

Finally, the Dollar Index seems to have completed the penultimate low but requires a pullback before it can attack the final low for a reversal higher. This in itself tends to point more to weakness in EURUSD and GBPUSD followed by a final move higher. Thus, that’s where I’m going to be pointing today but just be aware of the background confusion.

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Good luck
Ian Copsey

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