Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yesterday sorted out the dithering…

I think yesterday price made a definite decision and has thankfully ended the admitted dithering I had over whether the Dollar would resume its downtrend or would correct deeper. Clearly it has chosen to correct. While I could see evidence of follow-through I was never 100% comfortable with the call and mainly because the DJIA and gold had reached targets which also suggested a pullback. Does Forex lead these two other markets or vice versa. As far as I can see it’s Forex that currently holds the controlling power but the argument for a pullback in the other two was quite convincing.

So, all cleared up now thankfully and we can now plan the remainder of the pullback. If you recall I had originally been given information about a potential cycle low around the end of this week or possibly into early next week. From what I can see of the move so far I feel that’s quite possible. What does concern me is that this is a correction to the rally from 1.2586 which has taken almost 2 months. One week of correction does seem very short… I think therefore we need watch how this correction develops as it does seem to hold risk of generating a sideways consolidation. This is also valid for the DJIA and maybe gold – but I’ll keep the doors open on the latter.

The general Dollar strength should spill over onto the other currency pairs – USDJPY seems to have now confirmed a modest correction, AUDUSD looks bearish also while USDCAD has shot back into what had looked to be a daily triangle and threatens a completely different structure. For today it should correct but I suspect further gains later…

The other currency pair which I feel of more importance – or interest at least – is EURJPY. I am coming to the conclusion that it still has one more medium term decline to come. It shouldn’t be a straight line as we’re due what I feel will be a deep correction. Once that is complete the decline can be a lot more robust. This tends to work more with a consolidating EURUSD as I intimated above and a more sharply declining USDJPY a further down the road…

Thus for today concentrate on identifying Dollar buying levels in general and which should continue through to the end of the week at least…

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Good luck
Ian Copsey

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