Monday, July 26, 2010

I can’t see much change in the status quo…

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Today is meant to be interesting from a timing perspective. It is a full moon day, a Gann date and also indicated by other timing methods as a key moment when a larger reaction is due. I have been bearish Dollars for some while now but of course for me the key is whether targets have been met and whether momentum supports a reversal. However, from this perspective I have my doubts although I have to say that the reversal signals are beginning to appear but not uniformly.

In the daily chart EURUSD has made what I term as a “standard” retracement level – one from where many corrections stall. I had felt EURUSD was due a slightly deeper correction though. Daily momentum hasn’t generated a bearish divergence but it is close…

USDCHF has not met target but does have a bullish divergence. GBPUSD… well, targets are difficult to quantify here though it has failed just below the key daily swing high at 1.5523 and does have a bearish divergence. USDJPY hasn’t met my target at the old 84.82 low but is in a weekly structure that could make up rules as it goes… However, there is a daily bullish divergence. That makes three out of the four major currencies showing slowing Dollar bearish momentum.

I think what we can say is that the threat is definitely present and as we move forward from this point we have to acknowledge that a reversal can occur at any time.

However, if anything Friday’s price action appears to work in nicely with my adjustment to a holding pattern which would be a precursor to a final dip in the Dollar. In other words, I am anticipating a resumption of Dollar gains and it’s more a matter of “when” rather than “if” in my mind and I am still more biased towards a final extension of the current move rather than an immediate reversal.

Therefore, I feel that this week we should alter our approach slightly by adding a bit more caution and being aware of the reversal risks. For now I remain neutral until the current holding pattern is complete and probably then for the final push lower… However, keep one eye over your shoulder from this point forward.

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Have a profitable week
Ian Copsey

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