Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So far, so good … but we need just a little more Dollar strength to confirm trend resumption

I knew identifying those Dollar lows would be a tough task… However, they came and we’ve seen constructive gains albeit fairly contained and without setting the market on fire. It may just take a little longer too but all being well, by the end of the day I feel we’ll see upward progress. The key now to a more positive outcome are yesterday’s Dollar corrective lows and of course last weeks’.

There is still a risk of a minor new high in early trading but then a pullback and that will be the one to watch. Assuming I’m correct and this is just a correction the next rally will be stronger and should break through the 1.3533 EURUSD low and the 1.0807 USDCHF high to reach the Dollar highs so far.

Now, in GBPUSD I am a little mixed. It didn’t quite reach my target but this morning has broken below the 1.4997 low. It tends to argue against a move to 1.5206-32 and thus the major risk is lower. Thus we need to navigate the risk of any correction but if anything it looks pretty bearish again.

USDJPY had a quiet day after last week’s rampant rush higher. I still have a more bullish preference but the problem I face here is sharp moves which hide the underlying structure and thus make it tough to identify projections and retracements. I’m not in favor of a move below 89.75 but I’m also not in favor of a direct rush back to the 92.14 high. The type of move I am expecting is a third push higher, probably to around 90.92 and then a deep pullback before a final attempt back at that corrective high. If we see this below 89.75 I’ll get a bit edgy…

This clearly will have impact on the crosses which I still feel may have room for one more push higher so we have a balance between how fast the Dollar rallies versus the Europeans and also against the Yen. It does tend to smack of typical cross-rate volatility so take care.

However, the underlying message is still Dollar bullish still and will only change if last week’s lows are broken.

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